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feasibility study

New design or remodel...take the guesswork out 

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Where do I start? Can I afford to go off-grid? How do I prepare for a grid down event or other disaster? Which alternative energy system is right for me? 


A feasibility study is the first stage of the design process and can help you determine the viability of your project. A feasibility study assesses what your options are, and is a tool designed to help you choose the option that is right for you. 


Whether you are considering relocation, or are ready to start designing, a feasibility study can give you valuable insight.

If you would like a detailed site feasibility study specific to your proposed project, please contact us today and we will provide a quote based on  the complexity of your project. 

strategic design 


The roof offers valuable real estate for solar panels or rain water collection systems. However, the roof and eaves are also susceptible to fire and wind. Special care should be taken to consider both the opportunities and the vulnerabilities of this critical component.

building envelope

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emp protection

Shield equipment or the entire home from EMP or solar flare. 


Doors can make an easy entrance for a fire or intruder.

Note: the door itself may not be the weakest link. Make sure the entire door assembly can withstand the pressure.

Designing, building and retrofitting for security means making sure there are no weak links in your home's protection.


Standard glass is vulnerable to extreme temperature, weather, and forced entry. Ballistic rated windows or protective shutters can shield these entry points into the home. 


Basement, storm shelter, root cellar or bunker. An underground space can enhance your family's lifestyle while providing excellent protective capabilities. Temperature control, air filtration and security features are important features to consider when designing an underground space.

strategic design 

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