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Online Interactive E-book and PDF Digital Download with the tools and strategies to protect your family


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"In our current state of unpreparedness, it is not a question of if, but WHEN, the grid collapses. When the U.S. grid collapses from a major incidence, there will be no food, water, sewage, gas, gasoline, medical services, or communications in large sections of the U.S. for years." -the EMP Taskforce On National and Homeland Security

Strategic Design Elements







Food Shortages

Economic Collapse

How to prepare for:

Supply Crisis

Extreme Weather

Loss of Utilities

Civil Unrest

Cyber Attack


Rule of 3

You can expect to survive:


3 DAYS without WATER

3 WEEKS without FOOD

"Experts say our power grid can be destroyed and, when that happens, 70-90% of the U.S. population will die within the first year.  Experts also say it is not a mere possibility but a near certainty that the grid will be hit and it could happen at any time."-the EMP Taskforce On National and Homeland Security


J. Paul and Candice Asaro



Strategic Living By Design was written by J. Paul Asaro, the off-grid expert with more than 30 years experience as an award winning architect and builder specializing in strategic disaster mitigation. This one of a kind eBook is an interactive experience with more than 150 videos and 125 links to articles and websites. It covers the risks from food shortages and the collapse of the dollar, weather related power outages to a full scale cyber attack. And more importantly, how to ensure your safety and the security of your loved ones with both high tech and low tech solutions.

Learn how to choose the right alternative energy system, how to source, store and purify water, how to heat and cool your home when the power is out, provide waste management, protect against EMP, 5G and EMF,  plus much, much more. To give you a better understanding of just how valuable the information is and what you can expect from our book, here’s a look inside the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • Strategies 

  • Location, Location, Location

    • Should I Stay or Should I go?

  • Threat Assessment

    • Grid Down

    • Economic Collapse

    • Lockdown

    • Ice Storm / Extreme Cold

    • Theft / Crime

    • Food / Supply Shortages

    • Bioweapon

    • Extreme Weather Events

    • 5G / EMF

    • Transhumanism

  • Priorities

    • Cost / Affordability​

    • Local Political Climate

    • Room for Extended Family and Friends

    • Like Minded Community

    • School System

    • Medical Care

    • Proximity to Family, Friends, Work and Church

  • Evaluate 

    • Survival Rule of Three​

    • Strategic Design Elements

  • Shelter​

    • Site Orientation and Features​

    • Building Envelope

    • Security

  • Temperature

    • Typical Heating and Cooling

    • Off-Grid Heating​
    • Heating with Minimal Electricity

    • Off-Grid Cooling

    • Cooling with Minimal Electricity

    • Hot Water Systems

    • Off-Grid Hot Water Systems

  • Water​

    • Water Sources​

    • Water Storage

    • Water Filtration

  • Food​

    • Food Storage​

    • Food Preparation

    • Food Production

    • Food Preservation


  • Waste​​​

    • Plumbing ​

    • Toilet

    • Laundry

  • Power​

    • Large Scale Alternative Energy​

    • EMP Protection

    • Residential Long Term Alternative Energy Systems

    • Residential Temporary Backup Power

    • EMF Protection

    • 5G Protection

    • Smart Meter Protection

    • Dirty Electricity

    • Low Tech Off-Grid Energy Solutions

  • BONUS Tools​

  • Conclusion

J. Paul and Candice Asaro, Asaro Architecture
download (1).jpg

Save your money and prepare to thrive - even when disaster strikes!

You can spend a fortune on alternative energy or other emergency systems. As an expert in disaster mitigation, I can tell you, many people waste their financial resources on systems that fail them when it really counts. This interactive book is a comprehensive guide to survive and thrive disaster scenarios. Get the tools you need to protect your family with practical solutions for every budget and every situation! 

Book Intro  Location Threat Goals.png
Strategic Living By Design


Online Interactive E-book and PDF Digital Download 

optimized for multiple devices

This book is for EVERYONE, no matter your situation.

Whether you live in an apartment or home, in a city, suburb, or rural area, this book will empower you to choose the solutions that are best for you! 

Discover Successful Strategies to Keep Your Family Safe.

Act Now!!

The surest way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. It's time for us to create a GREATER RESET aligned not with dark forces but rather aligned with God in a way that celebrates our spiritual divinity, towards a true God given freedom and independence that provides us the opportunity to achieve a greater level of safety and security.

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