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What is
High Performance Design?

High Performance Design is an approach that utilizes cutting edge technology to produce efficient and cost effective design solutions

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Defining Features

Cost Effective

The right design approach combined with the right building components provide an affordable means of construction. Components such as insulated concrete forms (ICF), structural insulated panels (SIPS) and other innovative systems can be incorporated into a building design while maintaining an affordable budget.

Strength and Safety

Design the right way and provide added resistance to natural and man-made hazards. The threat of fire, wind, water and earthquakes are greatly reduced when occupying a fortified structure. 

family Friendly

Proper design and material selection enables the entire family to benefit, by utilizing products that are free from formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and other toxic substances and by bringing in natural daylight and fresh air to our built environments. 

energy independence / Lower Utility Costs

Whether the goal is to save money on monthly energy bills or go off-grid, maximize your home's efficiency through High Performance Design. By choosing the right alternative energy system that is right for you, energy independence becomes a reality.

Faster Construction

Thoughtful layout and detailing combined with the right product components can lead to an accelerated construction schedule.  Get projects dried-in sooner and allow more job site productivity.

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